HaPPy 2016

We have come to a new year..2015 has been about my baby and wishing him the best life now and after.A year passed so fast and I will be like "I feel like that event just happened 6 months back". But actually it was a year ago. 2015 full of commitment, tight up and hopefully I have some break for myself this new year. But who knows, coz there are still a lot things to do. Plan, plan and plan...Let's rollout ! Hehe...

Happy 2016 =)

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to myself, happy birthday to of now, no one sings me a birthday I sing by myself..huhu..actually, since I was a teenager the celebration is only just a dinner with no gift.Haha..We don't really celebrate.I envy with people who always have balloons, cake and gift everytime on their birthday.Haha..perhaps its just not a pratice since my early teenager- on my side.
Anyway nobody cares..haha.The world keeps on spinning anyway.Just a day passing by. ☺ Cheers

The night is still young?

Yearning for excitement, yearning for something fun and new, yearning for a holiday..But no money.Haih..dont know when I can go on a long vacation...I wish i can go on a holiday somewhere I can just enjoy, have fun and care-free..I guess I have to celebrate in a small way by my own (in a discreet way) this year and who knows if it will be the same in the future. What you give you will get them in the future..People said happy people are the ones who make the best of what they had. But I couldn't help to longing and dream about this..Life has been hectic and I find it more hard to find a time for my own fun time..without any rush or schedule..
I need to sleep on time and wake up on time so that my day will be well spent. If not everything will be late..I know this is what a mother will have to bear with but I also have come to a realization that my life is boring..Ahaks. The end.

Quote for the future

"No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worry can change the future."
- Saidina Umar bin Al-KhattabI have my utmost admiration towards one of Rasulullah Saw Sahabat. I love his principle in life and his bravery.That is why his quotes are so wise to me.

Truth about people

I'm so sad today..I know this blog will not be read by anyone from my family. Even if it does, it will be way too long already..It is all out and clear as of today that none of my family members are good in comforting and motivating someone who is sad or has given up their hopes. I know I have not write here for a long time.Well, this time I have no one to talk to..Since it involves internal issue and family member, I just want to write here.. Nobody understands that I am a person who likes to keep it to myself and I will break down teruk2 when I finally give up..When I say break down, my tears and cry will be so sad that the tears will run down like water pipe. So, my family when they see me crying without stop in front of them..they think I was being so emotional for no reason and I dont have solid reason to do so. Thus, they think I over react and being so selfish for crying so bad..They give advice but they seems to be like more of a scold and not motivating and comforting en…

Disney & Real Steel

As long as I can remember, Disney has never fail to create a great movie - a really feel good movie with a whole lot of good values that we can learn.
Even the soundtracks made by Disney since I was little were among the best ever. I still remember when I was in Standard 6, the first cassette that I wish to buy was "Disney Love Hits". It features all top soundtracks from Beauty & The Beast to Tarzan. Until now, the songs are great to listen to because nowadays, we can never listen to songs like that anymore. Slow, inspiring and magical.

Today, I got the chance to see Real Steel again. Yes, I've seen this movie before but this time, I really took the effort to think about the values and emotions that the movie brings. When I watch this movie, it reminds me again the reason why Disney movies are so great to me. It always teaches us all the good values that make us humans and to have the life to be worthwhile. So called a feel-good movie.The story line uplift the values…

Januari 2014

It's true when new year is just another day..As of today, my world has been busy, busy and actually I still lack of vacation..dreaming to go somewhere new. Because of the expected change to come in my life, I still has not step up to meet all those deadlines or targets..I'm so weak..I was wondering whether it was lazy, easily tired or  not enough motivation or.. willingness to be good...time is always not enough..but likewise people will tell that you have poor time management and etc..usual reasons..But its not just about's about the ability to keep on going..sometimes we planned but we still not able to do it..